Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Display area progressing

After a busy spell of servicing orders with no time available to get our own Greenhouses up, we have finally had a window of opportunity to go at our own display area.  We have built the frames of four more Greenhouses bringing the total to 8 so far on display as well as 4 Polytunnels.  In the coming weeks we will complete these models and add a few more that we have in stock.  It is great to see some growth now with the newly laid lawns giving a lovely green carpet – so it is out with the mower tonight.

Display Greenhouses multiplying

Progress being made on display area

Successful Bloom Show

Really enjoyed the Bloom Show.  Apart from the great reaction to the Glasshouses and Polytunnels we had on display on our stand, the award winning Growhouse (Western Red Cedar Glasshouse) which we built in an award winning Garden generated a huge amount of enquiries.  It was also wonderful to meet so many of our customers who stopped in to say hello.  I find it is a very well run show with good facilities which helps to make attending and visiting a pleasurable experience.  So put the date in your diary for next year everyone!

Ireland’s leading Greenhouse Supplier

High Quality Greenhouses for Sale in Ireland sells the largest selection of greenhouses in Ireland and have been supplying Glasshouses for 18 years and Polytunnels for 27 years.  We have full time employed Greenhouse constructors and you know when you deal with us that you are talking to someone who knows what they are about.  We supply the following greenhouse types,Toughened glass greenhouses. Horticulture glass greenhouses, Polycarbonate greenhouses Lean to Greenhouses, Dwarf wall greenhouses, Large Greenhouses and small Greenhouses, We have aluminium framed greenhouses ,ceder wood greenhouses,Dwarf glass greenhouse, and wooden greenhouses Greenhouse as well as small to large size in all Greenhouses mentioned.  We also are one of the top suppliers of Polytunnels. has it all from the Hobby greenhouse enthusiasts to professional growers.

We stock Europa Manor Greenhouses, Eden Greenhouses, Elite Greenhouses and Janssens Greenhouses as well as supplying Growhouse Greenhouses and Griffin Glasshouses to order.  

Based in the midlands we deliver to all 32 counties using our own transport, but can courier if required to provide a faster lead time like 2 days. provides a full range of greenhouse accessories including staging, Glasshouse heaters, propagators and greenhouse benches.

Polydome Greenhouses offer the highest levels of expertise and back up service to their customers thanks to vast experience over many years. 

Polydome Garden Polytunnels suit all needs

At Polydome Greenhouses we pride ourselves on our expertise in the Polytunnel and Glasshouse industry. We are an Irish Company and have been in business for 27 years.
Our Garden Polytunnels are made with High Tensile Galvanized Steel, which is high in strength. If you are in an exposed area we can configure our Polytunnels to suit your site in a number of ways. Our Garden Tunnels come with straight sides which give the added benefit of more room to work at the edges.
Our Garden Polytunnels can also be configured to suit to suit the needs of different customer’s pockets ie: if on a tight budget we have low cost timber doors and lighter polythene available.
Our most popular polythene cover is 900 Gauge and comes with a 6 season UV guarantee. It has an anti fog/mist layer and has an EVA layer which provides excellent thermal properties and enhanced growing conditions. We provide a wide range of widths for recovering existing Hobby Polytunnels.
All our Garden Polytunnels and our wide range of ancillary products can be viewed online at our website if you have any further queries please ring our Garden Polytunnel team in the office on 057 91 20424 or email to .

Cleaning your Polytunnel

Polytunnel’s should be cleaned at least once a year, maybe more if your Polytunnel is nearer trees as it will probably have algae forming on the outside and debris from the trees falling onto it.  There are different ways in which to clean your tunnel.  Here are a few helpful tips :-

If you get a bucket of warm water and add a small drop of washing up liquid, you will then be able to use a soft brush to clean the tunnel, for the bits you cannot reach get an old bed sheet and with a person each side of the tunnel gently go along the tunnel.  Be careful not to do anything that will scratch the cover as this will reduce the light transparency.

Newest addition to our Display Area

Display 6ft x 12ft Eden Lean-to Greenhouse

Newest addition to our display area

The newest arrival at our Display area is this 6ft x 12ft lean-to Greenhouse from Eden Greenhouses.  It has a lovely green powder coated frame.  Remember powder coating not only looks good but it also protects the aluminium from discolouring and tarnishing.  The glass is full length toughened glass which we recommend as it is much safer than horticultural glass and nicer to look at than polycarbonate.  This Greenhouse is fantastic value being only 1523 euro delivered in kit form for self assembly.

Spring Is Coming

“Now crocuses come smiling through
Grey February’s fog and mist
gold like the sun, deep lilac too
Defying winter’s icy kiss.”

By David Squire

 This month there are signs of the approaching spring. Although the weather still fluctuates temperature wise, spring is coming. Bulbs are appearing and birds and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. Before heading out to enjoy the oncoming spring remember there’s plenty to do indoors this month, all in preparation for the season ahead.

  • Place a heating mat under your seed trays and begin planting your seeds indoors. Keeping the soil warm will assist with faster germination and plants will develop a stronger root system
  • Start feeding your houseplants again once they begin to show signs of new growth
  • Prune conservatory climbers

This are just a few tips to get you started. Remember also this is a great time of year to check your Polytunnel/Glasshouse for repair’s that need to be carried out before the spring season. For replacement glass or polythene or advice on the right thing to do, feel free to contact us via