Change in Glasshouse Range

We have made a decision to discontinue selling Eden Greenhouses with immediate effect.

A competitor has been selling them at cost (as Greenhouses are not their main business) which in the short term is good news for some customers who avail of the cheap prices but we are unwilling in this case to do so.

Due to EU pricing law the manufacturers are unable to stop this practice which is intentionally pushing others out of the market.

In the end the consumer looses out as for example we have 5 of their models on display (and were the only company in Ireland that I am aware of with this number) but of course they will no longer be.

Customers in the country around our area will no longer have someone who can build them – in fact the competitor does not employ any constructors while we have three permanent staff engaged in this.

No doubt with us and others out of the way the competitor will up their prices again (as otherwise why would they sell at cost?) and so the consumer will in the end be worse off.

We have some stock of Eden Greenhouses (and Halls and Europa Manor which were from the same source) and also our display models to sell off – so if you want an ex display model now is a good time.