New addition to our Display Area

IMG_2343 A new Greenhouse has just been added to our display area, a Janssens Senior Victorian with 10mm twin wall polycarbonate.

Twin wall polycarbonate is particularly popular on the continent.  One of the advantages is that it is virtually unbreakable, it provides insulation and diffuses the light to reduce sun scorch.  One cannot see clearly through it though.  It provides excellent insulation so if running a heater your fuel costs will be much lower than a Glass Greenhouse without insulation.

10mm twin wall polycarbonate is much stronger than the light 4mm and 6mm sold with cheap Greenhouses.

The size also is a new one to our display area being 2.36m x 4.58m.

Being a Janssen Greenhouse this model has the benefit of an extremely strong ‘box section’ aluminium frame which is powder coated in either Green or Black.  This model with 2.01m high sides, a single sliding door, three roof vents and a louvre vent is €4,405 including delivery for the self assembly kit.

There are lots of optional add ons.