Multifunctional Canopy Structure

Special 6m wide Canopy low resWe recently built a canopy structure for Hannah’s Garden in Birr (formerly Ward’s Garden Centre), it is the kind of structure that customers ask us about for numerous applications.  This type of structure can be used in Industry to keep pallets out of the rain, for livestock, for Garden Centres to avoid plants getting too wet (and of course customers too), it can be used for drying timber, hanging up your washing line, a car port (we have had people ask for this including for Vintage cars) – etc. etc. (I feel a competition coming on here for readers to think up practical suggestions of what it could be used for).  This structure is the same design as our standard 6m wide Model but with extra height and a heavier frame than normal to carry the extra height.  Thanks to our well equipped workshop and stock of steel we are able to customise our Polytunnels where the need arises.

Why not visit Hannah’s Garden when you come to Birr?  It is on the Tullamore Road opposite Lidl.