Wash pots

Things can be quiet in tunnels and glasshouses right now; cold weather, perhaps even still turkey torpor (lethargy) to turn your attention elsewhere. But you know that soon you will want to begin sowing new crops.  When you do, wouldn’t it be nice to just grab seed trays and pots and use them without having to clean them first?  It’s good to get them all washed together now so you can choose the exact pot you need and use it right away, and as they are all clean none can carry forward pests or diseases to the new crops.

Gather all empty pots, saucers, seed trays, tools and equipment. Bin any cracked or broken ones.  Place a big bucket on a stool or in a wheelbarrow to raise it up so that you don’t need to stoop.  Fill it with water (a kettle of boiling water can take the chill off) and add some (preferably eco-friendly) detergent.  Some like to add a bit of disinfectant but if you had no major pest or disease problems last year a good washing should be enough.  Scrub them well with an old washing-up brush, rinse them in a bucket or jet of clean water and leave them to air-dry.  To save even more time later, sort them by shape and size when stacking them away.