Livestock Tunnels and More.

Gone are the days when people only associate polytunnels with gardening. They now have many more benefits and uses. For example in the agricultural setting, as livestock tunnels, or the landscaping sector as canopies for cover machinery or to during outdoor events in bad weather.

As tunnels  are very versatile and quick to construct, It makes them the perfect option. The added extra is there are relatively cost effective in comparison to more permanent structures. The unique climate of a tunnel also has many benefits, bright, warm and with lots of room to move around. With some tunnels up to 9m in width,  this give lots of options to set the inside of a tunnel up in many different fashions.

So the next time you wish to cover something, be it sheep, cows, chickens, machinery or even just the clothes line, then why not consider a tunnel.

Please call us we would be happy to offer any advised we would have.