Tips for Spring

Spring Is Coming

“Now crocuses come smiling through
Grey February’s fog and mist
gold like the sun, deep lilac too
Defying winter’s icy kiss.”

By David Squire

 This month there are signs of the approaching spring. Although the weather still fluctuates temperature wise, spring is coming. Bulbs are appearing and birds and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. Before heading out to enjoy the oncoming spring remember there’s plenty to do indoors this month, all in preparation for the season ahead.

  • Place a heating mat under your seed trays and begin planting your seeds indoors. Keeping the soil warm will assist with faster germination and plants will develop a stronger root system
  • Start feeding your houseplants again once they begin to show signs of new growth
  • Prune conservatory climbers

This are just a few tips to get you started. Remember also this is a great time of year to check your Polytunnel/Glasshouse for repair’s that need to be carried out before the spring season. For replacement glass or polythene or advice on the right thing to do, feel free to contact us via